Secret and significance of Janmashtami

secrets and significance of janmashtami

In the Indian Sanatan Vedic tradition, with each festival, the name of the person associated with it is added. Like shivratri, ramnavami, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Purnima etc. But we do not call the Ashtami of Krishna’s birth the Ashtami of Shri Krishna’s birth. We say that today is Janmashtami. There is a deep mystery behind this why?

The word Janmashtami was not associated with Krishna and I’ll try to explain it in simple words.

First of all, we have to know that Shri Krishna is not a particular person. However, he had also taken an avatar. The proof of his existence is in the scriptures. The archaeology department has also got the evidence of Dwarka city. He was not just an individual.

When it came to naming him, the responsibility of that task was entrusted to Gargacharya. And Gargacharya was a great scholar of astrology. When Krishna was born and the acquittal of naming him came, then Gargacharya named Shri Krisha after seeing whatever astronomical event had happened at the time of Krishna’s birth, seeing what kind of personality would be formed.

You will be surprised to know that every year and take the month ending from the new moon. As you would know that there are two types of beliefs prevalent in India. Some people believe that the new month begins with the full moon and some people believe that the new month begins with the new moon. So if we take the month starting from the new moon day, on the day of Shravan Krishna Ashtami, a unique kind of energy is created in the universe. And based on that Krishna is also named.

If you see the verse given in Gopal Tapini Upanishad, then you will understand this.

Gopal tapini upanishad

Meaning, the word Krush means power or existence. And the word na means a form of bliss. Tika is written on it, which says that one is the giver of eternal bliss in all times and in all places. That element is Shri Krishna. Every year on Shravan Krisha Ashtami, there exists universal energy that develops our virtues and destroys our vices. And this event happens every year and if we can understand how to use it, then we too can be born again. And that’s why that day was called Janmashtami. This kind of energy can be our new birth.

When we look carefully at Shrimad Bhagavad Purana, then the matter becomes even more clear. Ved Vyas ji has given this sutra in Shrimad Bhagavad Purana, describing what kind of energy was present in the universe at that time when it came to Shri Krishna’s manifestation.

Bhagavad puranMeaning, having all the qualities. Positive and constructive giving energy. The time when all the planets, constellations, and stars become silent.

Remember that in our tradition it is midnight and that’s why midnight is called Janam Ashtami. Now the interesting is that every year the universe or God, being kind to us, gives us this time every year. This energy is available to all of us at midnight of Janmashtami.

Ved Vyas ji has said this while showing the position of the planets at that time.

Krishna Planet astronomyThis means, at midnight on the day of Shravan Krisha Ashtami, the Sun is in its own sign and the Moon is exalted in the Rohini Nakshatra. And when it came to time, it was said in the scriptures that time also represents a physical form and he was called Kaal Purush. The Sun is the soul of Kaal Purush, and Moon is his mind.

universal soulMeans, universal soul and universal mind both of these are available to us in their best version on the night of Janmashtami.

If we learn to use this combination, then we can get what we want. Or we can delete what don’t want. That’s what Shri Krishna said that

Meaning, ‘Sadhunam’ means good qualities. Our negative belief patterns get destroyed.

“Krishna represents the universal energy. And our ancient scientists or our sages knew this. And that is why the center of our energy is our temples were opened at midnight. So that we worship by going to the temple, we can get what we want and we can remove what we don’t want”.

Where ever we were born, every year there comes a time we can be born again. When universal energy working on that principle is available, that time is called Janmashtami.

Scripture clearly says that if you think about what you want in this time, then this festival of Janmashtami is capable of getting you born again.

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