Comparing your life with someone is good or bad

“Taking the inspiration from Mahabharat, Karna will be always comparing his life choices with Arjun and competing with him in every step, it leads to selecting the wrong friendship, which will be bounding with some owes”

When one person compares themselves with another, ending with making mistakes and their destiny will be getting them down and winning in front of everyone, it might cost anything.

When you will compare your life with someone you won’t be happy, always criticizing the life, why they are better than me. When you are bound by so many things in your head, you can’t see the narrow path of your life choices.

There is an infinite number of categories upon which you can compare yourself, and an almost infinite number of people to compare yourself to. Once you start down that road, you will never, ever find an end. This is what happened with Karna.

Have to realize life is not competition: There may be times when competition is appropriate, but life is not one of them. We have all been thrown together at this exact moment on this exact planet. And the sooner we stop competing against others to “Win,” the faster we can start working together to figure it out.

Celebrate who you are. Focus inward – value generosity, humility, goodness, kindness and love. Try to focus on developing inward qualities for a simplified life. Once you explore yourself, you will stop comparing yourself with others.

Nobody is perfect in the world, everyone will have their own set of troubles. We live in a society that glamorizes perfection but that’s only the half-truth. Every coin will have two faces, one everyone can see and another will be hidden. One face society will be watching will be like Snapchat where it will beautify your appearance and show it to others. But the truth remains: there are no perfect people – including you and me.

Karna wants to prove to the world that he is the best archer in the world, but what happened in the end you might all know. When you will compare with someone we will narrow down our path. God has given us a beautiful life to enjoy.

“From this parents has to understand that, they should not compare their kids with other kid’s performance. Each child will have a different set of skills to showcase themselves, identify that and motivate them to enhance their skills”.

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