Andaman travel diaries by Vishnujayanthi

Andaman travel diaries

My blissful experience in Andaman. One should never miss this place. Add up to your bucket list.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”-SAINT AUGUSTINE


The day before any travel anxiety creeps in my mind. Too many things to attend and butterflies fly in my stomach. I get a feeling of a caged creature. Just waiting for the next day to fly off to Andaman.However I felt a heaviness in my heart whenever I go out of Bangalore, I get this kind of feeling. Eventually the long wait came to an end. Finally reached Andaman with great challenges.The steaming hot weather was welcoming us.I already felt like a baked cake.

It’s afternoon when we reached After lunch we headed towards the cruise. The cruise was very much welcoming beyond imagination. We had hot samosa with coffee.The fully air conditioned cruise made me feel so relaxed. I felt super amazing. I was waiting to reach our “Havelock Island” which is also named as “Swarajdweep”.

The three major Islands in Andaman are:

Ross Island,Havlock Island and Neil Island.We are lucky to visit both Havelock and Neil Island. I will share all my experiences one by one.




The new names given to these islands are:

Ross Island-“Bose Island” after Subhash Chandra Bose visited this Island.Our Prime minister after his visit to Andaman named Havelock and Neil Island as “Swaraj Dweep”and “Shaheed Dweep” respectively .The meaning of Havelock is a cloth covering for a cap,having a flap to cover and protect the back of the neck.The name Havelock comes from the British soldier Sir.HenryHavelock.

Finally we reached the much awaiting destination by evening 4:00pm.Till we get settled in the room,we were little uncomfortable.Once I took a long shower I was very much fresh.

In Andaman the sunset is between 4:30 to 5:00pm.By around5:30 pm it’s pitch dark.

The beauty of this symphony resort lies with the nature bounded environment.The neatly alligned coconut trees on either side adds up the beauty.After a long shower I just came out of my room to get some fresh air.Just in front of my room was a Hammock .I enjoyed the sight of kids playing around everywhere.The green lawnn in front of resort brought an enthusiastic mood in my mind.I was watching young men playing volleyball. At around 5:00pm we just took few steps to watch the sunset.

Hotel view to relax

Here comes my dream come true scene. I absolutely witnessed my dream spot as soon as I reached the place. I’ve imagined this scenery a thousand times when I relax. I saw my dream picture in real. Green trees with the branches kissing the ocean The sun just dipped itself. The crimson red color spread all over the sky brought an intense feeling in me. I was carried away totally into an unknown world. I was witnessing a poetic scene in front of me.

The distant boats, the moonlit sky, the kissing branches, the lovers walking hand in hand with dreams and lust in their eyes. Wowww what an evening?

I was relaxing on a swinging chair, closing my eyes, taking the whole scene to my heart. I felt the care and love nature provides us always. I remember a saying….

“Don’t wait for the beloved to make u happy. Be happy, the beloved comes to you.”

Nature is my beloved. The trees, the moon, the breeze, the distant boats, the white stretch of white sand, they are my beloved. I forgot space and time.It was just me. I was just for myself. I plunged into myself……………………………………………………………….. Yes, life is once, Let’s

all have a deep reverence towards life.


The moonlit sky The distant boats The cool breeze Me…

And your thoughts blend together.

I walked

and walked…..

Till I reached an end.

Oh my beloved,

Endless is my love for you….

Boundless is my liking.

Andaman beach


Collective craziness “can be a phrase given to us. Yes, we were the personification of ultimate craziness. I would like to thank my co-travelers without which I would have never made this trip a good one.

Something shows up in life unexpectedly, such as the moment in Radhanagar beach. Rather than watching the sea, I set my eyes on the infinite stretch of land. The vastness…..The endlessness…..

I carried my tripod all the way which helped me a lot. My cousin was engrossed in her own world. It was so funny to watch her rolling all over the sand without limits. Happiness comes to each person in a different way. My cousin’s kids were making sandcastles.

Radhanagar beach is counted among the most beautiful beaches of Asia. The scenery is so surreal that it will allow you to reconnect with the poet within yourself. You can choose Radhanagar beach for a complete makeover of mind.

Now it’s Kalapattar which is derived from an adjoining Street called “Black Road”.I did only one thing, grabbed away everybody’s privacy. Don’t mistake me, I just caught their action. A display of pics will tell u my indulgence …


Whenever I get an itch behind my neck some intuition pops up in my mind. That night my intuition worked well. I already planned for an early morning photoshoot. I got up at 4 am, had a strong black coffee, packed my gear, came out of the room. I need to walk a short distance to reach the beach. I have to cross the main road to reach the other side of the resort. It was pitch dark except for a small street lamp. As I was crossing the road I saw few dogs staring at me vigorously with their wild teeth shining in the dark and ready to bark at me. There was a sudden lump of fear clutching my heart. I felt a chill on my spine. For a moment I froze. However, my inner gut was pushing me to face the barking dogs. I acted as if I am very normal. After a minute they started running towards me. I ignored them with zero eye contact and pacified myself to be calm.

Somehow I reached that spot. I fixed my tripod, made all settings ready for a long exposure shot. Time was moving like a snail. It was almost 5 am. Slowly there was a change of color on the eastern part of the horizon. The sky was absolutely purplish violet blend with pink color.

My heart was racing fast, coz I have to capture this moment. I completely took control of the scene. After checking every pic on the viewfinder, my heart was beaming with ecstasy.

It was almost 5:45 am. The sun was completely out. Even the dogs became friendly with me.I packed all my equipment, sat on the sand, eyes closed. That moment something flashed in my mind. The whole chain of events that happened that day explained to me, life should be faced with courage. The barking dogs running towards me is the fear of my future.The closed gate in the resort is the obstacle on my path. But still, I faced all these challenges by working on them without losing my heart.The pinkish violet sky is the sign of hope which strengthened my mind. Lying on the sand I told louder “It’s the darkest before dawn”

I saw everything and everybody with love. Something changed in me I waved and gave a broad smile to the morning walkers. On the way to the resort, I witnessed everybody with human connectivity. I had coffee with the old couple in the resort. I smiled at the waiter and had a friendly chat.I mark this day as a day of enlightenment. Every time after meditation, I feel this kind of energy flow towards everybody including people who trouble the worst.

Watching sunrise or sunset is nothing but mind being in a meditative state. After this beautiful meditative moment, I had to switch over to the most adventurous moment. Keep guessing……

The adventurous moment came already. Yes, we decided to go scuba diving after a long discussion. I didn’t have a wee bit of knowledge about scuba diving. The very thought made me feel as if I’m surrounded by a sea of fear.I was sandwiched between excitement and nervousness. Doing an unknown thing unexpectedly was very strange but still have to push me to “JUST DO IT MOMENT”.
SCUBA DIVING is one of the most popular water sport activities in the world. The underwater coastal belts surrounding Andaman is home to one of the densest ecosystem of coral reefs and formations. The volcanic lava hills make the experience unique and hard to find anywhere else.
We were given a mock training session before the main event. We learned all the hand symbols beforehand. My trainer was a young chap, he kept talking, holding me, made me float. Slowly I was dragged into the depths . And a moment arrived where I was plunged into the deepest part. I could see the ocean bed now. This was an unexpected moment. I was not proactive about this at all and that is the Wowwwww moment.
The only tough challenge was to breathe through the mouth all the time. First few minutes everything was very strange. Soon I got acquainted too. the underwater world. OnHolding my trainer’s hand so tightly we both synchronized and started moving.Variety of creatures, aquatic plants dead and live corals, small colorful fishes were seen. I loved those turquoise-colored fishes. Yellow-colored fishes were my favorite ones It was like a dream, wading through the ocean with the straight beam of light falling on the ocean bed. Those thirty minutes were my life’s most valuable minutes. Finally, when reached the surface from the depth everything looked new. Once again I floated on the surface and looked up at the hoovering sky. The universe was sending me a message.
You are born in this world to live ur fullest. Make wonderful memories. JUST DO IT.


The visit to KALAPANI gave me sleepless nights. Since it was the last place in the tour itinerary, the impact was very strong even after I reached Bangalore. Let me explain abt this place in detail.

KALA PANI or black water virtually meant cruel and ruthless treatment to the prisoners till death. A sentence of deportation to KALAPANI meant a warrant for throwing the prisoner in living hell to face heard or unheard trials and tribulations and to lead a life of a beast or even worse than that.

Constructed by the British between 1896 and 1906, during their colonial rule in India. Cellular jail was used to exile political prisoners where they were subjected to many atrocities at the hands of the British.

Some 80,000 Indians, records suggest, were sent to Andaman as punishment over a period of some eighty years from 1860. Thousands of them were shot, hanged, or tortured to death. The prison was called cellular because it was made of small parts and designed for solitary confinement. The cells were barely 2metres long and two and a half meters in width. The overwhelming majority of freedom fighters sent to the cellar jail, however, were from Bengal, Punjab, and Maharashtra.

Between 1911-1921, the jail incarcerated the already famous freedom fighter Binayak Damodar Savarkar. He was arrested and jailed in 1910 for his connection with the Indian Nationalist group. Savarkar wrote that as the gates of the prison shut behind him he felt he had entered the jaws of death.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar-people know him as one of the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi was the president of the Mahasabha political party. In 1911 Savarkar was sentenced to fifty years in the cellular Jail of Andaman for revolting against the Morley Minto reforms. He was a passionate promoter of HINDUTVA. After his release from jail, he worked on the abolishment of untouchability in Ratnagiri. He was one among the critic of Mahatma Gandhi. He called him a hypocrite. In 1964, he felt that his goal of independent India is achieved and he declared his wish to attain Samadhi. He started a hunger strike on February 1st -1966 and passed away on February-26th 1966.

The airport at Port Blair, Andaman, and Nicobar’s capital was renamed VeerSavarkar International Airport in 2002.

The cellular Jail was forced to empty in 1939. In 1941 the Japanese seizes the islands, jailed the British warders. In 1945 Subhash Chandra Bose declared Andaman as the first Indian territory freed from British rule.

It’s time to honestly acknowledge the contribution and role of freedom fighters incarcerated, martyred in the Cellular Jail of Port Blair and give them their due respect and recognize their invaluable contribution to India’s Independence. Certainly, KALA PANI is the Darkest chapter in India’s freedom struggle. It was a Black Era.

When in Kalapani prison, we were strolling on the long corridor which was filled with sinister incidents and hideous past. The walls of the jail were painted with agony, suffering, and heartbreaks.

I stood in front of Veer Savarkar’s cell. I just entered the cellar, looked at the stone bench where I imagined Savarkar sat, and wrote all his theories in his “HINDUTVA”.

I felt an anonymous vibe flowing through me as soon as I entered the cell. I stood there for few minutes and closed my eyes. Even after coming out of the premises, I felt a sensation running down my spine.

After so many sleepless nights, one evening was sitting on the terrace and thinking of all those brave souls. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Salute to all those people who didn’t beg for mercy and stood up for themselves for the sake of their motherland.PRANAM to all those souls, because undoubtedly they are living Gods.

“Mind should experience the state of an ice-stone falling from a hail storm into the ocean”Even experiencing a wee bit of that immense ocean of joy, the mind is fully dissolved into that bliss of which it only seemed apparently different.-

From an unknown writer.

Now let me share one more beautiful experience today.

Again a crazy plan was getting ready in my mind while we were returning from Radhanagar beach. Why should I not visit the resort beach once again to watch the full moon that night. The next moment came out of my room with all my camera gear. This time when crossing the road, the dogs wagged their tails and came behind me. My doggy friends and I reached the spot.

There she is-my beauty-The full moon with full zoom right in front of me. That moment she is Miss. Universe indeed. Was it a dream? I was standing on a poetic moonlit shore.

Why the feeling of pure love pours, and why do two people in love meet in the moonlight rather than sunlight?. Moon is a sign of romance. Probably laila and majnu would have desperately fallen in love with each other in one of their escapade under the moon.

The pictures which were captured were spilling deep emotions from my heart. A Tamil song was running in my mind. Nila kaigiradhu,Neram theighiradhu yarum Rasikkavilaye…..

Indha kanghal mattum unnai theendum….

The moon waits Time goes on ..

Nobody is there to admire-But my eyes alone are set on you…..

The song is from the movie Indra with Rahman’s music. The moon-lit beach made that night more Romantic.

Here comes a meditative moment The rhythm of nature

The singing moon

synchronizing with the dancing boats.

The joyful waves creating graceful moves for the music of the wind. Overflowing love

Spilling on the shore…..

What else can be


Bharatpur beach is the most visited attraction on Neil Island. Anyone who wishes to meet the world a couple of meters below the sea surface can give snorkeling an attempt. Snorkeling is like peace therapy. Feel alive while fish swim past you. The real treasures lie a few feet below the surface and you shouldn’t miss taking a dip.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a single picture, because all the luggage was dumped in the car. I didn’t have a go-pro camera too.

We have come to the end of this travel journal. I packed all my memories, thoughts, experiences, challenges, heartfelt emotions, unattended desires in a virtual suitcase and carried all the way to Bangalore. Every night I had different dreams about Andaman. All those tiny little turquoise fishes, yellow fishes, those barking dogs, swinging hammock, the aligned coconut trees, the poetic moon, the 5 am morning sunrise wakes me up from my sleep There were nights, where I woke up, open my laptop watched the pics, then go back to sleep.No wonder friends call me crazy….

Yes, I’m a crazy traveler on this planet. Join my club of crazy travelers. Let’s name as “HUCHU” HAILED, UNANIMOUSLY CRAZY PPL, WITH HAPPINESS UNDEFINED…..

Final call for foodies: Never miss eating three things in Andaman.

  1. Honey glazed potato wedges.
  2. The enormous tender coconut,filled with tasty sweet current of water. 3.The homey food which any restuarant can provide when u step in.

I Never miss “HONEY GLAZED POTATO WEDGES” in Andaman and never miss visiting Andaman in your lifetime.


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