7th international day of Yoga

Happy to share my feelings about YOGA!

Yoga presents multi-dimensional solutions to multiple challenges Covid-19 has brought. It caters to physical, mental, social & physiological challenges.

Yoga offers something for everyone, it enables a strong mind & a healthy body.

In the Post Covid Era, the focus on PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE gets stronger and I am confident that YOGA will regain its popularity.

“Yujyate anena iti yogah” – which means, “That which joins is Yoga”. In this DISTANCING times, YOGA acts as a tool which bridges the distance between Mind & Body (root cause of all problems), Distance between the lives we have & lives we want to have, Distance between our expectations & reality which can become a source of “STRESS”.

Regular Practice of Yoga gives Emotional strength & Empathy, wherein we begin to understand that others would be going through the same struggle as ours. So we become a shoulder of support for someone who is in need of it.

Covid-19 Pandemic may have reduced our MOBILITY but it should not affect our ENTHUSIASM . Lots of Innovative approaches were put forth on the digital platforms to Practice, Preach & Promote YOGA.

Respecting the present situation, let us mark the 7th International Day of Yoga from our homes, with our family & follow all norms of social distancing.

Let’s make Yoga more popular and our planet healthier.

Chandana M
Yoga Instructor & Wellness Mentor, S-VYASA

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