How we can relate Narayana Astra to the current COVID19 pandemic situation

Narayana astra in mahabharata

What is Narayana Astra?

Narayana Astra was a deadly weapon, so when the weapon is invoked, it destroys the armed enemy so quickly and destroys everything in a fraction of a second and no one can’t oppose the weapon and no power in the world can compete against this arrow. Whomsoever is in war mode, this weapon is more dangerous for them. Since this weapon belongs to Narayana and he is supreme so no one can fight with him. There is only one retaliation and that is that the enemy should leave the weapon and surrender himself humbly.

“have to apply the same rule how Narayana Astra calm down for this current situation also. COVID19 has no cure and we can’t fight with this face to face so we have to choose to be silent for certain time being.

Stay calm at home for some time till the COVID19 passes. We can fight with this by maintaining social distancing. Stay home stay safe”.

Who will use this Narayana Astra in Mahabharata and Why?

When Guru Drona will die, his son Ashwatthama wants to destroy Pandavas army and want kill Pandavas. Ashwatthama will have Narayana Astra, he will invoke this weapon to destroy the Pandava army to take revenge for his father’s death. No one could resist it. It used to destroy people who had weapons in their hands and immediately destroy them.

“Narayana Astra was composed by Lord Narayana himself, Which has the power to destroy the entire army of Pandavas in one stroke if anyone opposed the weapon.”

Arjun was ready to use some weapon to destroy that, Krishna will give the knowledge about Narayana Astra.

What solution did Krishna give to face the Narayana Astra?

In Mahabharata Krishna himself, Narayana was present in the war from Pandavas side, so he knew how to deal with Narayana Astra. When Arjun was ready to bow his arrow Krishna asked to surrender yourself to Narayana Astra otherwise it will destroy your whole army in a fraction of seconds. Since this weapon only attacked the armed persons and those who are unarmed it passed undamaged.

Here Krishna already knows the solution to how to face the Astra(Weapon) and how to deal with such situations. We can’t succeed in all the battles. Sometimes we don’t even have a proper weapon to defend or attack the enemy. In that situation act wisely and face the situation which will be in your favor. If the enemy is too deadly and there is no way to fight with that then better to keep silent for a while till the weapon impact is over.

Like Narayana Astra calm down we can use this trick to pandemic

Narayana astra realting to pandemic“In this current situation of COVID19 there is no treatment or weapon to treat the virus, be patience for some time, maintain social distance after a certain time period the virus will clam down. Every living thing will have a certain life period to leave on earth, after that time it will calm down”.

Everywhere the battle does not succeed fighting. Many times we have to sit silently for the right time to strike. Thus avoid the wrath of nature, we too must leave all work for some time, silently join hands, keep a good thought in mind and stay in one place. Only then we will be able to survive its havoc. The COVID19 will also cool down by completing its time period. So till that time, stay home be safe and take precautions.

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