Importance of Pranayama



  • According to Prasnopanishad, Prana is defined as that basic entity from which the whole universe is made.
    Pranayama: Expansion of Energy
  • Pranayama is a compound of two Sanskrit words. It is often broken down to “Prāṇa-ayāma” referring to the extension or expansion of the breath
  • Prana +Ayama = Lengthening the Prana, to increase the life span
  • Pranayama means channeling or regulating the force.
  • It is one of the very important limbs of Asthanga yoga. It is the 4th limb and forms part of Bahiranga Yoga ( Indirect Control of Mind)
  • It affects not only our complete physiology but also affects all of the five kosha or layers of our existence – from outside to the innermost core.
  • Proper practice of pranayama not only cures diseases and promotes positive health but also leads one to the highest spiritualism.
  • “Breath” is the bridge between mind & body, so by exercising proper breathing techniques one gets mastery over the mind and leads to a joyful and peaceful state for the divine pursuits.
  • It is a systematic exercise of breathing.
  • Breathing is always with awareness, mindfulness, slow, deep & long.
  •  It is a technique or process for gaining mastery over the mind through our breath
  • By Performing Pranayama one can achieve a healthy body and mind
  • Some rules are there, for performing which should be followed like observance of Yama and Niyama
  • Doing good Pranayama in the morning promotes great enthusiasm, good thoughts, love for life & the right activities throughout the day
  • In Pranayama you don’t worry about taking breaths, you focus on the exhalation. If you exhale properly you will inhale. The more deeply you exhale the more deeply you will inhale
  • It forms a mindful practice that helps to correct basic limitations of the mind by improving self–awareness, Self-control, and self-esteem
  • A long and subtle breath establishes a calm mind. A calm mind is a foundation for everything great
  • When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace
  • The best way to understand Pranayama is :


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