Importance of nakul and sahadeva in mahabharatha

When we watch Mahabharat TV show old version or the new version won’t show much about Nakul and Sahadev,  So the question arises to me what’s the important role of these two persons in Mahabharat, how they followed elder brother without questioning anything(I’ve narrated about Nakul and Sahadeva according to VEDA VYAS Mahabharatha). you might have heard so many folk versions about these warriors, different regions have different stories. Now we will have to look at what Veda Vyas explained, and from these two characters what lessons kids can learn…

“Attention is not important in the life, the role you play with others and what benefit they are getting from you, be the side of good always, whatever the situation might be. Some or the other day, you will receive that fruit. Believe happiness should be sought. If you understand this, then life will acquire brighter colors”.

Why were Nakul and Sahadev given less importance compared to the other three Pandavas in Mahabharat?

Actually Bhagwan Vedavyasa didn’t give more or less importance to anyone or less importance to others. It’s the people who have read the Mahabharata given priority to various characters who appear in it.

Nakul and Sahadeva are referred as Asvineya, as the two physicicans of gods. Both the brothers were incarnations of Ashwini Kumaras, and possessed special set of skills.

Nakul and Sahadeva were the youngest among the Pandavas. They didn’t have the authority like Yudhisthira or Bhimasena or Arjuna had. Also, the gods that took birth as them or the fathers of Nakula and Sahadeva are relatively less known to the people today.

For instance, Yama Dharma is known to almost everybody. Vayu is known to all and Indra is obviously known to all since he’s the king of gods. However only the people who have a sound knowledge about Hinduism know about the Ashwini devas.

The Ashwini devas are the divine physicians and are relatively not known to many people. I think that because of these two points, people don’t talk much about Nakula or Sahadeva.

However, neither the Ashwini devas nor Nakul and Sahadeva are inferior to anyone. The Ashwini devas are the divine physicians and along with Dhanvantari, are collectively known as gods of medicine. They deserve as much respect as Indra, Yama, and Vayu get.

Nakul was the most handsome among the Pandavas and one of the most efficient horse riders in the Mahabharata and Sahadeva was one of the wisest persons in the Mahabharata, whose wisdom was rivalled by very few people.

Why does Krishna tell sahadeva to always answer in forms of questions?

As per Vyas Mahabharata – Sahadeva was intelligent, knowledgeable and wise.

  • He was initially trained by Kripa and Drona like other brothers.
  • But later he was trained by Brihaspati the teacher or main priest of Gods.
  • That’s the reason he was Knowledgeable. But he didn’t have any miraculous power like ability tell future etc.

What is the significance of Nakul and Sahdev in ‘Mahabharata’?

Nakul and Sahadeva had their own significance, not everyone can be as important as their older brothers (Arjuna, Bhima, Yudhishthira were older than these two).

Significance about Nakul:

  • Encountered the Hun tribe in his campaign.
  • Was a master swordsman, had the sword of Brahma (he got it from Kripa).
  • He owned a bow called Vaishnava.
  • Killed three sons of Karna on the last day of the war.
  • He cut off karna’s bow twice and wounded him.
  • Even though karna defeated Nakula the same karna was scared of Nakula’s roars.
  • Nakula was considered the most handsome man by Draupadi (she was the wife of Bhima and Arjuna too).
  • Nakula had dark skin, red eyes and black hair (he resembled Arjuna).
  • He attempted to educate Yudhisthir in Santi Parva (when Yudhishthir wanted to abandon the throne) but to no avail.

Significance about Sahadeva:

  • Killed Sakuni and his son Uluka.
  • Was loved the most by Kunti.
  • Devoted enough and willing to give up his luxurious life at Hastinapur so he could stay with Kunti but she didn’t allow him to.
  • Sahadev also pressed Draupadi’s feet at the forest.
  • Learned from Vrihaspati a guru of Devtas like Indra.
  • Sahadev conquered the Vanara kingdom of Dwividha and Mainda in his campaign.
  • He annexed Lanka and made Vibheesan pay tribute.
  • Sahadeva was sent by Yudhishthira to invite the Kauravas to Indraprastha for the Rajasooya.
  • Sahadev is the only brother who desired war not peace when Krishna went for his peace mission even Bhima told him to appeal for peace not war.

Nakul and Sahadeva most of the time stayed at Yudhishthira’s side and served him as advisors, friends and ministers. Both of them were considered great swordsmen.

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